3. August-Issue of “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”

The new issue of Spektrum der Wissenschaft (SdW) is in the shops today. Our (Pavel Kroupa and Marcel Pawlowski) article on dwarf galaxies and dark matter is even mentioned on the cover and in the editorial. In Germany and Austria, you can buy the magazine for 7.40 Euros. Alternatively, you can download the free PDF of our article “Das kosmologische Standardmodell auf dem Prüfstand” from the SdW website and read it right away.

When SdW asked us to start this blog, we agreed. The main reason was to make a direct discussion about the issues we raise in the text possible. We will post additional texts (in English) on this blog, which might lead to interesting debates. In case you would like to comment on the article in SdW, feel free to give your statements or ask questions here.

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