Our contributions at the annual meeting of the "Astronomische Gesellschaft"

This coming week we will have the annual meeting of the “Astronomische Gesellschaft” (the German astronomical society) in Bonn. The conference with the topic “Zoomin in: The Cosmos at High Resolution”  starts on Monday (September 13) and will last until Friday. You can find the schedule here. In the afternoons there are a number of splinter meetings on different astronomical topics. For those participating in the meeting and interested in the Dark Matter Crisis, we would like to point out some of our contributions. Of course we will also be around during the week, so feel free to approach us for discussions.

  • Jörg Dabringhausen will present a poster with the title: “The failure of dark-matter cosmology – Towards a new paradigm of structure formation”, based on our recent paper. This poster can be downloaded now. Feel free to discuss the poster/paper with him or any of us.
  • Marcel Pawlowski will talk about “The Disc of Satellites: The Origin of Counter-Rotating Tidal Debries”, showing that the MW satellites are distributed in a disc-like structure that is not expected from cosmology, that this structure is rotationally supported and that a tidal origin of the MW satellite galaxies is plausible, in contrast to a cosmological one. The talk is part of the Magellanic Clouds splinter meeting, and is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15 at 17:20.
  • Right after that, at 17:40 on Wednesday, Pavel Kroupa gives a talk titled “Local Group tests of concordance cosmology” about our recent paper at the same splinter meeting. As this is the last talk of the day, we will be available for discussions afterwards.

by Anton Ippendorf, Pavel Kroupa and Marcel Pawlowski (08.09.2010, “Our contributions at the annual meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaftin “The Dark Matter Crisis – the rise and fall of a cosmological hypothesis” on SciLogs. See the overview of topics in  The Dark Matter Crisis.


Author: Marcel S. Pawlowski

I am a postdoc at the Department for Astronomy of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH (soon Hubble Fellow at UC Irvine). My work revolves around tidal dwarf galaxies – second-generation galaxies forming from the debris of galaxy collisions – and their use for testing models explaining the dark matter phenomenon. During my PhD studies in Bonn (in Pavel's group) my research concentrated on the phase-space distribution of the Milky Way's satellites (dwarf galaxies, globular clusters and tidal streams), their possible formation scenarios (in particular tidal dwarf galaxies) and tests of cosmological models on (cosmologically) small scales. My research interests are complemented by my interest in the philosophy of science and in science outreach. You can follow me on Twitter (@8minutesold) or find out more about me and my photography on my websites (http://marcelpawlowski.com & http://8minutesold.com).

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