14. Another Conference: New Directions in Modern Cosmology


After the succsessful AG Meeting, next week we will be at another conference, titled “New Directions in Modern Cosmology“, to which Prof. Pavel Kroupa was invited. It will take place at the Lorentz Center in Leiden (in the Netherlands) from September 27 through October 1st. As the title suggests, the workshop is about the increasing amount of observational challenges of LCDM cosmology. From the website:

This workshop concentrates on the discussion of recent cosmological observations which present challenges to the standard LCDM model. These observations include: the large scale flows, the sizes and amplitude of galaxy large scale structures, the systematic effects biasing the analysis of CMB data and the lack of large-angle correlations, the anisotropy of the Hubble flow, the evolution of galaxy size, and the failure to find the sub-halo building blocks left over from the primordial fluctuation spectrum.  Last and not least, it is disturbing that in the LCDM model 95% of the Universe have not been observed ‘directly’.

While each of these observations can be seen as an anomaly that the model would possibly explain, the bulk of them calls for a more careful analysis of the model foundations, particularly the amount and role of dark substances.

Note also our recent contribution “The standard model of cosmology” where similar problems and issues are raised independently.

As the topic is cosmology, the workshop mainly aims at a better understanding of the large-scale structure of the universe. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that the smaller scales will play an important role in the understanding of our cosmos, too. Thus, small scale/local group cosmology is also represented at the conference (there even is a talk about planet formation). Pavel Kroupa will talk about “Local Group galaxies as critical tests of the contemporary cosmological model and its failure”, while Marcel S. Pawlowski will present a poster.


The diversity of speakers and participants will guarantee some interesting discussions, with the aim of making further steps towards an improved cosmological theory.

by Anton Ippendorf, Pavel Kroupa and Marcel Pawlowski (23.09.2010): “Another Conference: New Directions in Modern Cosmology” on SciLogs. See the overview of topics in  The Dark Matter Crisis.

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