13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting

We are now on our way to the 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting in Stockholm. The meeting of physicists and astronomers covers General Relativity, Gravity and relativistic field theories and is held every three years (since 1975) in different cities. It is named after Marcel Grossmann, who was a Swiss mathematician and a collaborator of Einstein in his work on general relativity.

Following his recent review paper “The dark matter crisis: falsification of the current standard model of cosmology”, Pavel has been invited by Davit Merrit to give a talk in the parallel session “EG4: Self-Gravitating System”.

The session will take place tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, 3rd of July) at the AlbaNova University Center, in room FA32. We will present our work on the dwarf and satellite galaxies in the second half of the session, after the coffee break at 16:30. At first, Marcel will give a talk on the Vast Polar Structure (VPOS) and why filamentary accretion can not account for it. This is followed by Pavel (at 16:45) presenting his falsification of the standard model of cosmology. The third talk in this row (17:05) then is by Mordehai Milgrom, who first proposed Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) as an alternative to dark matter. He will present “MOND laws of galactic dynamics”.

The session will continue until 18:50 with more talks on dark matter, its haloes and galaxy formation. We are looking forward to an interesting meeting with lots of discussions. If we find the time, we might even report on some aspects of the meeting here in the blog.

By Pavel Kroupa and Marcel Pawlowski  (02.07.2012): “13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting” on SciLogs. See the overview of topics in The Dark Matter Crisis.


Author: Marcel S. Pawlowski

I am a postdoc at the Department for Astronomy of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH (soon Hubble Fellow at UC Irvine). My work revolves around tidal dwarf galaxies – second-generation galaxies forming from the debris of galaxy collisions – and their use for testing models explaining the dark matter phenomenon. During my PhD studies in Bonn (in Pavel's group) my research concentrated on the phase-space distribution of the Milky Way's satellites (dwarf galaxies, globular clusters and tidal streams), their possible formation scenarios (in particular tidal dwarf galaxies) and tests of cosmological models on (cosmologically) small scales. My research interests are complemented by my interest in the philosophy of science and in science outreach. You can follow me on Twitter (@8minutesold) or find out more about me and my photography on my websites (http://marcelpawlowski.com & http://8minutesold.com).

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